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B1723160EU Plug
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- Strong smoke, smoke spray ranges, sustainable spray smoke.

- This section smoke machine is the need to smoke oil smoke, the smoke machine itself is not equipped with smoke oil.

- Equipped with suspension bracket, easy to install and use.

- The smoke machine is equipped with a remote control, which can be controlled remotely about 10 meters.

- Suitable for, wedding, bar, KTV rooms, di bar, family ball, leisure parties, birthday PARTY party celebration and other places.


Color: Black

Surface Material: Iron

Size: 230x110x115mm

Voltage: 220V

Warming-Up Time: 8-10 minutes

Pot Capacity: 0.75L

Smoke Outpul: 8000cufl/min

Plug: US Plug, EU Plug

Weight: 2.5KG

Output Distance: 2-3 meters

Controller: Wireless remote control 10 meters

Note: Fog Liquid is not included

Installation and Use:

1. Please open the lid join the high-quality oil (Not included).

2. Please ensure that`s fog liquid in the oilcan! If you operrate it with no fog liquid in 1~2min, the pump may be broke down owning to overheat.

3. Please use it in accordance with the rated voltage.

4. Set up the wire or remote control.

5. Before power necessary to heat for 8-10 minutes, press any key to use the remote control, the middle will pause for 1-2 minutes heating unit, over 20 seconds to continue to use.

6. Then press the ON/OFF switch and the smoke fog will come out.

7. Please use high quality fog liquid, and often clean the machines to increase it`s life.

8. Fog nozzle has a very high temperature when in use, so please do not touch it and keep one meter away from not combustible.

Package Included:

1 x Smoke Machine

1 x Power Cable

1 x Control Box

1 x Remote Control

1 x Handle

2 x Mounting Screws

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EU Plug, US Plug


B1723160EU Plug


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