Apexel APL-20XJJ04 20X Telephoto Zoom Monocular Lens with Foldable Tripod Monopod

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Telephoto/ Monocular
The telescope has 20 times zoom, which can adjust the focal length well.
The telescope can be used as a monocular.
Fit most kinds of mobile phones, include flip phones and bar phones,
Phone has back camera, can be connected to the telescope through the clip.
Mobile phone's quality of imaging can be improved evidently.
Applicable to watch the game, concerts, tourism, observe animal lovers, news reporter long-distance shooting etc.
Private detective taking pictures forensics, geological exploration, forestry management, railway port scheduling and etc.
The product includes: one telephoto lens, one clip, one cleaning cloth.

Complete flexibility, made of hard plastic and aluminum
The link attachment screws into most digital camera sizes and is removeable
360 degree rotating, you can use it anyway you like
Removable link attachment with lock release button
Please use it care, because lens are adjusted accurately, if it drops or hit, the field of vision maybe not matched and picture will deflect,
Please don't drop into water. If it drops into water, please repair it quickly.
Please don't look at the sun absolutely, your eyes may be ache and blind sometimes.
Package Included:
1 x 20X Mobile Telephoto Lens
1 x Clip
1 x Flexible Tripod
1 x Black Pouch
1 x Cleaning Cloth








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