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B1720040EU Plug
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1.Easy to use: Socket design just plug in the socket it can work well. Plug and play, household socket, where there is a socket can be used.
2.Protect the family to enjoy healthy breathing, always provide healthy breathing, to ensure the safety of indoor air.
3.Negative oxygen ions,Loaded with negative oxygen ion generator, make the air more fresh and natural, enjoy the forest air

Type: Anion Air Purifier
Plug: EU/UK/US Plug
Input voltage / frequency: (AC180V -240V 50H2 / 60H2) (AC100,
Output voltage: -2.5 ~ -4 at AC230V, 5KV, -3.8KV + -1KV DC at DC110
50 / 60H2) (DC3V 27V)
Negative ion concentration: AC230V, AC11OV, DC12> 3 million PCS / cm3
Ozone concentration:
Insulation resistance: the power cable is ≥40 Megohm (500V DC)
Electric strength: AC3750V 50Hz 5Ma 3S without breakdown
Rated power: (1W
Input current: <5mA at AC100V-240V, <25mA at DC3 27V
Operating temperature range: (normal 10C ~ + 60C) (high temperature -20 ~ 130C)
Use humidity: <95%
Storage temperature: ordinary type (-10C ~ + 60C) (high temperature type -20 ~ 130C)
Humidity resistance: no electricity, temperature is + 25C, relative humidity is 95%, no abnormality after 72 hours
High temperature characteristics: no electricity, no abnormality after 72 hours of storage under + 70C
Low temperature characteristics: no electricity, no abnormality after standing for 72 hours under the environment of 20C
Drop test: 100CM off the ground, free fall to a wooden board, it can still work normally
Electromagnetic compatibility: 3 ~ 5dB
Measurement Details in the attached picture.

Package included:
1x Anion Air Purifier


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EU Plug, US Plug, UK Plug


B1720040EU Plug


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