Bakeey Infrared Sensing Trash Bin Automatic Touchless Intelligent induction Motion Sensor Kitchen Trash Can Eco-friendly Waste Garbage Bin

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1. Infrared Sensing Open. No need to touch the trash bin. Convenient and hygienic.
2. Vibration Sensing Open. Whole body vibration sensing, no need to specific location. Convenient and fast.
3. Normally Open. When you need it to keep opening, press the normally open button, the lid is always on.
4. Sensitively capture every movement of you. The best sensing distance is 5-35cm.
5. Long battery life, low energy consumption, avoid battery leakage and pollution.
6. Made with ABS+PP material, strong and sturdy.
7. Isolate the smell and keep the air in the house clean.
8. White and gray for selection.

1. Name: Infrared Sensing Induction Bin
2. Model: F54864
3. Color: White / Gray
4. Material: ABS+PP
5. Capacity: 13L
6. Battery: 3.7V 500mAh
7. Charging Time: 120min
8. Working Time: 6-month(Use 20 timers per day)
9. Sensing Distance: 3-35cm
10. Size: As the picture shown

Package Include:
1 x Infrared Sensing Induction Bin


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