EARYKONG Wifi GSM Home Alarm System 433MHz Wireless Sensor Kit With 2 * Remote Controller / Infrared Detector / Door Window Detector / 2 * RFID Work With Tuya APP

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1.WIFI / GSM / intranet alarm system: APP push,SMS,Voice monitoring,intranet center etc. Support different alarm channels. Enjoy the intelligent life.
2.English / Russian / Spanish / German / Polish / Chinese / Italian / French / Portuguese / Greek / Romanian switchable: Support multi-language menu display, voice operation prompts and alarm SMS settings. GSM network automatic proofreading,to ensure accurate clock,support time zone settings, Convenient for multi-area application.
3.Remotely monitoring alarm: When accident invasion,the phone remotely grasp the situation, high decibel live alarm through the host timely dial,send SMS notification, APP message push.
4.Configure RFID cards: Configure 2 RFID cards, Support 100 learning/storage location for remote controller, RFID cards and wireless detector.
5.Multi-zone location settings: Such as gate,hall,SOS,bedroom,Window,balcony,perimeter,smoke,gas,
Carbon monoxide,water leaking etc zone name settings.
6.5 types protection zones setting: Ordinary zone,stay arm,24-hour emergency zone,closed zone,
doorbell zone,Meet a variety of needs.
7.Timely notification: When External power failure,built-in battery low power,APP push and SMS notification. When External power success,APP push. When Tamper alarm,SMS notification.
8.5 groups preset alarm phone numbers: SMS on/off and dial on/off can be set respectively.
9.Timing arm and disarm: Set the arm and disarm in advance,so that life is safe every day.
10.Delay function: User can set arm delay and alarm delay according to own needs.
11.Add camera: Work with camera,when Accidental invasion, You can remotely monitor the situation immediately, speak and scare away thieves.

Brand Name: Earykong
Power: USB DC 5V
Video Interface: No
Display: Yes
Size: 14x14x2.1cm
Password Keyboard: Yes
Arming Type: RFID Card
Connection Type: Wireless
Zone Number: 100 wireless zone
Wifi frequency: 2.4G
GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Wireless Frequency: 433MHZ

Package Includes:
1 * GSM Host
1 * Infrared Detector
1 * Door Window Detector
2 * Remote Controller
2 * RFID
1 * Cable
1 * Adapter Charger
1 * Manual


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