Electric kettle Fast Boiling 1500W 2.0L LED Blue Light Household Stainless Steel Smart Electric Kettle

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-Brilliant blue design, visual LED heating lamp, water heating state at a glance. the blue light goes out, and the water is drinkable.
-360 degree detachable base, comfortable handle for griping easily.
-Cute and stylish appearance, quickly boil water, low noise when working, you deserve to have it.
-1500W electric water kettle, quickly boil water in 7 minutes.
-2L kettle, large capacity, practical, suitable for home using.
-Dry boil protection: When the product has been switched ON by mistake without water, the dry boil protection will be activated to provide a secondary protection.

Material: High borosilicate glass
Color: White
Base: 360 Degree Rotating
Rated voltage :220V
Rated frequency :50Hz
Rated power :1500W
Plug: EU plug
Size: Size:As shown in the figure

Prior to cleaning the water heater always remove the plug from the socket.
Only clean the water heater itself with a damp cloth.

In order to extend the operation life of your device, you should ensure that the water heater is decalcified at a regular basis. Signs for a necessary decalcification are a longer operating time or louder operating noise. Only use biological agents for decalcification. Under no circumstances vinegar, salts or sulphuric acid should be used for decalcification.
Let the device heat the decalcifying agent two to three times (check the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and dosing). Afterwards heat clean water in the device two to three times.

Safety Instruction:
● Never immerse cord, plug or water heater in water or any other liquid.
● NEVER pull the plug of the water heater out of the c- lighter by pulling the cable.
● Do not allow the connection cable to hang down (danger of tripping) nor over sharp edges or corners.
● Do not place on hat gas or electric burner or in heated oven.
● Do not use any other liquid than water.
● The water heater can become very hot, keep the appliance and cord away from children at all times. The cover should be securely closed to avoid spillage of boiling water.
● Do not operate when driving, to avoid cutting injuries and burns caused by sudden braking or accidents.
● Decalcify the water heater at regular intervals.
● Do not disassemble the product. Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself. To avoid considerable subsequent damage to the device, only let a qualified expert repair the water heater.

Package Included:
1 x Water Kettle (not included other decorations)


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