Essager USB Type C Magnetic Adapter USB C Female To Micro USB Male Converter for POCO X3 NFC for Samsung Galaxy Note S20 ultra Huawei

B1746506Micro USB
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Brand: Essager
Product name: Essager Mini Magnetic Adapter
Material: Ru magnetic + aluminum alloy
Function: charging + data transmission
Color: Gray

1. Magnetic adapter, one head, three functions, compatible with Android, type-c interface, support charging + data transmission
2. Ordinary Android data cable + adapter can realize the magnetic wire function
3. Super magnetic force will be triggered at any moment
4. One-handed operation is more convenient
5. The use of magnetic suction is beneficial to protect the interface of the phone, and the magnetic suction avoids frequent plugging and insertion, and has the function of dustproof plug.
6. Support charging + transmission can be carried out at the same time, the transmission speed is 480M/s
7. Product interface introduction: the input data line interface terminal, and the magnetic interface is the output terminal
8. Use anti-oxidation aluminum alloy shell

Package Includes:
1 x Magnetic Adapter






Micro USB, |-t-y-p-e-|-C


B1746506Micro USB


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