EZshare WIFI Wireless TF Card to Full-sized Memory Card Adapter Converter

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Wireless transmission speed:up to 1.5mb/s
Login Type: browser/client
Client Support: for Android, for IOS, for Windows
Download through Browers or Free APP
It can be used as a normal memory card while a Micro memory card plug in Adapter
Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot
Smart download: Batch,resume broken transfer,preview
Password Authentication Maximum Access Users 5
Wireless Standards:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Applications:Digital Camera,Digital Video,DSLR or other devices with memoryHC slot
Access Terminals:Wi-Fi device(compatible for IOS, Android, etc)
Applicable format:JPEG/RAW/AVI/MP4/MOV,etc
Browsers Support:Safari/IE/OPERA/Chrome.
Transmission distance: indoor 5-10m; outdoor 25-50m


WiFi Adapter only supports 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB Micromemory card.
In order to better match the camera, The first time use WIFI card,Be sure to use the camera to format the WIFI card before use. (The default WIFI is on. You don't need to turn off the WIFI switch when you format the card. directly insert the camera to format)
The WIFI memory card need to be powered by the camera to transmit the WIFI signal
Please set the camera's screen to a 30-minute bright screen before use. After the camera screen turns black, the WIFI signal will be automatically disconnected.
Since the power consumption of the WIFI memory card is higher than the ordinary memory card, the power supply requirements for the card reader are relatively high. Please try to use a card reader with a high power supply
Do not toggle the switch while the camera is running; turn on/off the switch after the camera is turned off
Please check the compatibility list before buying:
Cameras that support micro memory card can't use, for example: for Casio TR300, TR350, TR500, etc.
The camera that support the CF card (WIFI card + CF card adapter) can't use, easy to have problems, such as for Canon 5D2, 7D, etc
For Sony NEXF3, NEX3N, RX1, RX1R, RX100; for Leica M9; for Ricoh GXR can't use
Most of the cameras that support memoryHC cards can use the WIFI memory card. For details, please check the camera compatibility list

Download the ezshare app. You can search for "ezshare" in the APP store or Google Store, then download
Turn on the share switch and insert the camera.
Face up, be careful not to turn the card switch or insert or remove the memory card when the camera is turned on, it is easy to burn the memory card.
Connect ezshare hotspot
The initial password is 88888888. Click Settings on the phone,search and connect to the ezshare hotspot.
Enter the client to download the photo
open the ezshare client on the phone, click “My”, click “Connect ezshare hardware” in the upper right corner, and click “Card Album” to view and download the photo.
Browser download photo method:
If you have not downloaded the client, you can also use the browser to download photos, the steps are as follows:
After connecting the ezshare hotspot to the mobile phone, open the mobile browser and enter: in the address bar, click to go.
After entering, you can view and download photos.
Download photos method: Click on the photo big picture, long press the big picture, click “Save Picture”.
The desktop computer needs to install a wireless network card when connecting to WIFI.

Package Included:

1 x EZ Share WIFI Card Adapter


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