Foldable Adjustable Portable Sound Absorbing Shield Vocal Recording Panel Soundproof Foam

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The Sound absorbing panel is composed of two key components, the folding diffusion shell, and the foam absorption lining.
The outer shell is composed by two curved metal plates which are vented with small holes designed to redirect unwanted audio from reaching the microphone.
The inner walls of the diffusion shell are lined with high quality foam used to absorb the source's reflecting audio waves that are being recorded after they reach the microphone.
It is designed for microphone-stand mounting, can accommodate any size microphones. Create a closer, drier, more controlled vocal or instrument recording in many situations.
Sturdy aluminum construction, make it durable and sturdy. High-density sound absorbing acoustic foam ensures good recording. Adjustable knobs make the installation on stand more easy and stable.
Material: Aluminum + Foam
Expanding Size:
Approx. 42 x 30 x 12cm
Weight: Approx. 1.5kg

Package Included:

1 x Sound Absorbing Panel
(The microphone, stand and headphone are NOT included.)


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