Full Bands Portable Digital AIR FM AM CB SW VHF Radio LCD Stereo Mini Receiver Speaker

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In addition to FM, AM, SW, which can be received by ordinary radios, it can also receive air band, maritime band reception, civil VHF radio band reception, US NOAA weather band frequency (162.400/162.425/162.450/162.475/162.500/162.525/162.550 ), TV sound.
The product can use the SQ noise reduction function when receiving the aeronautical band and the VHF band.
Intuitive product design and easy button operation.
1" self-contained backlit LCD display for accurate frequency range display, battery symbol, sensitivity indication.
The product design can set the automatic shutdown time of 90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10.
The product uses a steel rod antenna to enhance the receiving sensitivity of the product.
The chip memory is powerful and can store 50 stations per band.
Products shell injection process enclosure protection product is not easy to scratching and wear.
Product design search mode: manual search, automatic search for radio stations, automatic search for radio stations
Product uses speaker: 40mm 8Ω 1W
Two ways to listen to the product design: external speakers, plug in earphones
Power supply mode: Built-in large-capacity lithium battery (700mah 3.7v) can be connected to external power supply DC5V
Set the alarm clock design mode: the sound of the loud sound / radio automatically boot
AIR: 118-138MHZ (5K/50K STEP SEL) Sensitivity: 2UV (10DB SNR)
FM: 87.5-108MHZ (0.1MHZ STEP) Sensitivity: 2UV (30DB SNR)
AM: 520-1720 (9K/10K STEP SEL) Sensitivity: 3MV/M (20DB SNR)
CB: 25-28MHZ (5KHZ STEP) Sensitivity: 1UV (10DB SNR)
SW: 2-30MHZ (5KHZ STEP) Sensitivity: 30DBUV (26DB SNR)
VHF: 30-223MHZ (FM-N/FM-W) Sensitivity: -5DBUV (20DB SNR)
Power: 700mah 3.7v lithium battery
Speaker: 40MM, 1W, 8 Euro
External audio source: 3.5MM ear plug
Product size: 103x60x15MM
Minimum working voltage: 2V
Stereo resolution: ≥ 32DB
Distortion: ≤ 0.5%
Output power: ≤200MW
Package Included:
1 x Radio
1 x Product Operating Instructions
1 x Earbuds
2 x Ant-dust Cover
1 x External Power USB Cable
1 x Lanyard
1 x Extended Antenna






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