J.I.Y V-2 Dual Wireless Handheld VHF Microphone System LCD Display Mic Karaoke KTV Microphones Upgrade

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High fidelity, dynamic dynamics, reproduce the true nature of the human voice
Using an international brand-name compression expander to create a thoughtful voice
Digital with stronger anti-interference ability
Comprehensively solve the problem of frequency loss, cross frequency, broken sound, insufficient distance, sound not into the microphone, singing is not easy, the battery is not durable, etc.
Package Included:
1 x Receiver
2 x Wireless microphone
1 x Microphone Cable
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual
Silent control lock noise
Frequency offset ±11kHz
Frequency response 80Hz15kHz
Frequency stability ±0.005%
Signal to noise ratio >60dB
Distortion 0.5% (1kHz)
Number of channels two channels
Sensitivity 70dB M
Use distance 150 meters in the open area
Receiver power supply DC 12V/320mA
Transmitter power supply 9V laminated battery or 5th battery
Transmit power 20mW
Frequency range 200MHz270MHz
Output mode independent and hybrid automatic selection
Frequency stability ±0.005%
Carrier output power ≤30mW
Spurious emission suppression >40dB
Modulation method vhf
Maximum modulation ±75KHz
Pickup mode (moving coil type) (LWM6188/C/D) (capacitive type) (LWM6188/C)
Preemphasis 50μS
Use power 9V Batt
Power consumption <30mA
Volume Ф37X 250mm (handheld microphone) 90X60X25mm (collar clip microphone)
Weight Appr.210g (No Batt) (handheld microphone) Appr.65g (No Batt) (collar microphone)
Receive sensitivity <2μV
Image rejection >40dB
To increase 50μS
Audio output impedance 600Ω
Audio output level 00.5V
Use power AC220240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1W
Display mode LED
Type Wireless
Battery capacity 3V
Input voltage 220v
Colour Black
Microphone type Dynamic coil


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