LIGINN L-700 7 in 1 Fisheye Macro Telescope Kaleidoscope CPL Lens for Smartphone

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Wide angle lens: Expands the field of view. Perfect for taking landscapes or fitting more people in group photos
Macro lens: Captures small details as an ultra-close range. Perfet for plant, insect, still life
Fisheye lens: Creates an extremely wide-angle image with noticeable distortion at the edges of the frame. Perfect for funny photos
Telescope lens: Zooms in 2 times closer to the action
CPL lens: Removes unwanted reflections from nonmetallic surfaces such as glass or water. Perfect for landscape and strong reflective object
Kaleidoscope lens: bends light through a series of faceted lenses that create duplicates of light waves; Perfect for creative portrait and lanscape

Package Included:

1 x 0.36X Super Wide-angle Lens (Dia 30mm)
1 x 198° Fisheye Lens (Dia 28mm)
1 x 0.63X Wide-angle Lens (Dia 26mm)
1 x 15X Macro Lens (Dia 22mm)
1 x 2X Telescope Lens (Dia 26.5mm)
1 x CPL Lens (Dia 23mm)
1 x Kaleidoscope Lens (Dia 23mm)
1 x Universal Clip (70x24mm)








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