Mini 4 Channels Audio Mixer USB bluetooth DJ Sound Mixing Console MP3 Karaoke Amplifier for KTV

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Mini fuselage, multiple functions
USB LCD player. It can insert audio files directly into U disk or MP3 player, which is simple and convenient
Reverberation Makes Sound Better
Complete tuning ability. It has gain adjustment, high and low tone adjustment and independent volume adjustment
It can record beautiful songs with recording software
Connect the computer to the sound card. Connect the computer, you can tune and power supply
No power switch design. The computer, power supply treasure and USB adapter can be connected by USB cable
Real-time monitoring function. The level signal of the channel can be monitored in real time by using headphones
Can connect wired/wireless/capacitor microphone, applicable to the family KTV, campus speech, meeting etc.
bluetooth access in one second. Built-in bluetooth function to support wireless docking of most bluetooth-enabled electronic devices
4-Channel Signal Input and 1-Channel Stereo Signal Input
A group of main channel input
Low noise/high precisions microphone preamplifier with good volume
Balanced Microphone XLR Input and Balanced Line TRS Input
3-segment channel equalization
48V Mirage Power Supply
Built-in 16 delay effectors
Logarithmic 10-bit LED level display
MP3 Player Module
External switching power supply (AC100-240V AC)
Material: Metal+Plastic
Input Channel: 4 Channels
Phantom Supply Voltage:+48V
Size: Approx.195 x 160 x 55mm
Fit for: Family KTV, campus speech, meeting etc.
Do not use this device near the TV, radio, stereo, cell phone or other electronic device, or it may cause noise
Please use a soft dry cloth for cleaning equipment
Do not set any equalizer and level knob to the maximum position, otherwise it may cause acoustic feedback and damage the speaker
Package Included:
1 x Mixing Console
1 x Power Cable
1 x Manual


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