MINI-X35 bluetooth 5.0 100W Portable Amplifier Stereo Audio Sound Amplifiers Power Amp 2 Channel

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How to use bluetooth:

Turn on the power of the amplifier, the power amplifier indicator will flash alternately red and blue. At this time, open the bluetooth search on the mobile phone, find 'X25', click connect, no password is required;
When the bluetooth is connected, the speaker will emit a 'ding dong' sound, and the blue indicator light will be steady on;
When you disconnect the bluetooth connection, the amplifier will automatically switch to standby mode; at the same time, the red and blue lights will flash alternately;
You can connect to bluetooth at any time or disconnect at any time.

How to use AUX:

As long as a 3.5mm audio cable is inserted into the AUX jack on the panel, it will automatically switch to AUX input mode; unplug the AUX audio cable and automatically switch to Bluetooth mode

Mini HIFI digital bluetooth audio power amplifier
With treble, bass, and volume control, very easy to use
Low distortion supplies a clearer, stronger and more powerful sound
Two main channel output
DC/ AC power in, Suitable foe home or your car
Output power: 50W+50W
Frequency response: 22HZ-20KHZ
Harmonic distortion: <0.01% 50W/KHZ
Load impedance: 4Q2-16Q
Signal to noise ratio: 95DBA
Input impedance/sensitivity 47k ohms/220mv
Input mode: RCA/CD/DVD/MP3
Color: Black, Red, Gray, Blue
Adapter power supply: Ac110v-220v/50HZ(external power supply)
Power amplifier power supply: DC 12V/5A-10A
Size(mm): 77(long) x 66(wide) x 27(high)

Package Included:

1 x Mini Amplifier
1 x AC/DC Adaptor
1 x USB Cable
1 x 3.5 Turn RAC Line
1 x 3.5 Turn 3.5 Line
1 x USER Manual






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