Moza Aircorss 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Mirrorless DSLR Camera

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Moza AirCross fuselage is made of aerospace grade Mg alloy, bearing the weight of 300g-1800g,which is designed for mirrorless camera custom bearing, compatible with the market all kinds of Mirrorless camera, card machine, so that the bumpy picture and skewed composition Become the past.
Moza AIR dedicated motor provides plenty of power to truly 360 ° arbitrary twist, regardless of the positive grip, inversion, low angle, high-level machine and other filming needs, the coaxial can seamlessly, smooth transition, to your creation more Flexibility and visual impact
Moza AirCross adopt new upgraded crimson third generation algorithm, the maximum output torque of the motor increased by 25% Life time increased from 8 hours to 12 hours. Based on an industrial servo-driven algorithm, the microsecond response of the motor can be realized, Which is greatly improved the precise control of the stabilizer
Photographers nervously shooting, the transfer of the venue, the need for multi-equipment switch. However, quick-loading devices on the market require more complicated loading and unloading, and the fast-loading of quick-loading panels is largely ineffective.
The MOZA Air Cross is an integrated Manfrotto head with claws and an all-purpose quick-loading system for Akka quick-release plates. It uses a modular accessory connection port, quick mount bayonet width adjustable, suitable for almost all the PTZ products on the market. Photographers can get out of the shackles of a single quick-release board and switch the equipment in less than a minute.
Magic Claw AirCross has standard 3 26350 rechargeable battery, not only supports up to 12 hours of work time, but also through the fuselage DC output interface, an external battery box to the camera power supply, charging and charging the camera side; by external 12V mobile power supply PTZ power supply. A variety of power supply while filling with the real extension of your shooting time.
Through the built-in APP function, you can customize the shutter time, duration, interval and path settings, record the stunning scenery of the busy waterfront, or shooting stars sport trails. With the power of time-lapse photography, trivial and slow times have become condensed and colorful, revealing the beauty of images that the naked eye can not perceive.
Multi-function wireless thumb controller developed which delicated by Moza , only 100g weight, control distance of up to 60 meters. Sensor sensitive capture of human limb movements, PTZ integration into the program and follow the operation. Using OLED display intuitive display, a key control camera recording, PTZ movement, convenient and quick
The MOZA Assistant app runs on iOS and Android systems. The phone connects to the talons AirCross via bluetooth to realize rapid parameter adjustment of the APP, sensor calibration, PTZ control, operation mode selection firmware upgrade, and time-lapse photography. Intuitive and efficient, is a photographer stable shooting indispensable assistant.

Package Included:
1 x AirCross Gimbal
1 x Lens Support
3 x 26350 Battery
1 x User Manual
1 x Battery Charger
1 x USB Cable
1 x Tripod
1 x Quick Release Plate
1 x Arca Swiss Adapter
1 x Manfrotto 501PL
1 x Carrying Case








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