PJ.MIAOLAI A3 6N3 Vacuum Tube Treble Bass HIFI Lossless Amplifier Preamp

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A3 Preamplifier The tube adopts the classic 6N3 tube. The sound quality is greatly improved compared with the low-end tube of 6J1.6K4 (the price of the tube is different, the sound quality is of course different). The tone is warm and charming, very atmospheric, the sound is clear and delicate, and the dynamic is fierce.Especially suitable for vocals, strings, light music, classical music! High frequency and delicate, low frequency! Easily push any grade of 18-600 ohm headphones, the background is quiet, without any current noise floor noise! With a gain switch, switching operations are performed depending on the style of the music. (Note: Gain switch is only valid for the Headphone amp output part, RCA output is invalid)
A3 two sets of audio signal input, with audio input switch, free to switch audio input. Whether the output is connected to your high-end headphones, the amp part uses the classic MAX9722 audio decoder chip, the sound field is deep and strong, transparent and bright. It is also used as a tuning sound to connect your amplifier to the amplifier. Multimedia speakers and other audio equipment will bring you real HiFi level enjoyment, real bile.
6N3 vacuum tube preamplifier + Headphone Amplifier High and low sound adjustment function, you can adjust the high and low frequency according to your needs.
Vacuum tube preamp with MAX9722 audio decoder chip Headphone amplifier ; Convenient to improve your sound quality
Audio signal input can be computer, CD, phone and lossless player
Audio input:RCA ,AUX 3.5mm stereo input
Audio output can be connected to digital amplifiers and active multimedia audio devices
Treble & bass adjustment; Sound is warm and broad; No background noise
Gold-plated for input and output terminals; 6N3 valve tube; Mini size suitable for desktop
Audio input: AUX +RCA input
Audio output: RCA output x 1 group
Output power =1300mW (32 ohms)
Adapted headphone impedance: 18-600 ohms
Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%
Signal to noise ratio:105DB
Frequency: 20-30K Hz
DC Voltage input: 12V 2A
Size: 15 x 10 x 7cm (L x W x H) high CM(height measured with tube height)

Please note that this product is a preamplifier. It is not an amplifier and needs to be connected with an amplifier or active audio devices. Also, it is not a phono preamp and can't work with a turntable.
Package Included:

1 x PJ.MIAOLAI A3 Amplifier
2 x Tube
1 x Power Adapter


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