PJ.MIAOLAI D4 ES9023 OPA2604AP bluetooth HIFI Lossless Amplifier Headphone Amplifier

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D4 HIFI audio signal lossless transmission of the bluetooth audio signal receiver converter, the output connected to a variety of power amplifier. Multimedia speakers, such as car audio and other audio equipment
Analog RCA output part of the line using high-precision custom crystal and other large number of high-quality components, processing chip is the use of expensive latest US top decoder chip ES9023, using the industry's advanced ASBRE digital-analog conversion technology, this chip set the best sound quality. Cost-effective in one. With a bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Tablet PC and other equipment for wireless connection, the receiving mobile phone. Tablet PC in a variety of high-fidelity HiFi lossless music audio signal. (15-600 ohm) high-end high-fidelity headphones, RCA analog signal output can be connected to a variety of digital amplifier. Active multimedia speakers and other audio equipment, the real one machine more use
D4 is a bluetooth wireless lossless HIFI sound headphone amplifier, headphone amplifier output part of the top headset driver chip TPA6120A2 chip, TPA6120A2 is the United States TI (Texas Instruments) introduced the current feedback type differential input high-fidelity headphone amplifier integrated circuit, very low Distortion, high bandwidth and slew rate to adapt to professional audio applications, suitable for professional high-end monitor headphone amplifier, professional audio equipment, recording and other equipment
D4 bluetooth module is the latest BTM625 bluetooth audio module, using CSRA64215 chip, support A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, TWS, AAC, I2S, using 4M SPI FLASH memory chip. External high-gain detachable antenna that virtually makes its signal stable without loss of transmission
D4 uses the classic op amp OPA2604AP as the front-end amplification, OPA2604AP for high-performance audio system design dedicated op amp, with ultra-low harmonic distortion. Low noise. High gain bandwidth and so on
BTM625 bluetooth audio module
Adopt chip CSRA64215, support A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/TWS/AAC/I2S/, etc.
4M SPI FLASH storage chip
External high gain detachable antenna
Headphone amplifier output part adopts drive chip:TPA6120A2
Can drive 15Ohm-600Ohm headphone
Output power: 90mw /600Ohm; 180mw /300Ohm; 450mw /100Ohm; 610mw /62Ohm; 910mw /32Ohm; 1000mw /16Ohm
SNR: >=105Db
Distortion: <=0.003%
Frequency response: 20Hz-30KHz
This is also an audio signal converter, analog RCA part, decoding chip is ES9023
Aluminum shell
Package Included:
1 x Headphone Amplifier
1 x 12V power adapter
1 x Antenna
1 x Headphone converter


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