Portable Handheld Full-Band AM SW FM Radio Speakers Digital MP3 Music Audio Player TF Card U-disk Campus Broadcast Radio

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Campus broadcast (7087MHz) is acceptable
Timed shutdown
Largediameter speakers have a strong output
Headphone jack
TF card / U disk music playback
21 bands in total
The detachable 18650 battery is convenient and durable
Power switch: Press the power button to turn the machine on and off
Timing: Tap to set the time to automatically shut down (15/30/45/60/90/120)
MP3: Click to play the program in TF card / U disk, click play/pause again, long press to switch between TF card and U disk
Previous song: In MP3 mode, tap to play the previous track of TF card/U disk, long press and rewind
Next song: In MP3 mode, tap to play the next track of TF card/U disk, long press fast forward
SW118: Open the antenna, press the SW button to select the last short wave band, press the SW+ button to select the next short wave band, and rotate the TUNING tuning knob to play the SW118 short wave broadcast
MW: Tap to play medium wave broadcast (5221620KHZ)
FM12: Pull open the antenna, tap to play FM FM1 (87.0108.0MHZ), click again to select FM2 campus broadcast (7087MHZ)
Number keys 09: Enter the number in MP3 mode to select the track you want to listen to (for example: enter 28 to select the 28th song)
Volume minus (V): Tap to decrease the volume
Volume plus (V+): Tap to increase volume
TUNING wheel: In the radio mode, rotate the tuning button to listen to FM, medium wave and short wave broadcast
USB: Insert a USB flash drive to play music
Headphones: Insert headphones into DND mode
TF card: insert TF card to play music
DC 5V: Connect the data cable to charge
Power Output: 3W
MW: 522Hz1620KHz
FM Frequency: 70MHz108MHz
Input Power: DC 5V
Material: Plastic
Battery: 18650 3.7V
Package Included:
1 x Portable Radio
1 x 18650 Battery
1 x USB Charging Cable






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