PULUZ PU479 30cm UV Light Germicidal LED Sterilization Box

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Product Selling Points:
1. The lamp adopts short-wave UVC with a wavelength between 200 and 275 nanometers, which is also called short-wave sterilizing ultraviolet.
2. The sterilization principle of UVC. Among the ultraviolet rays of various wavelengths, only short-wave ultraviolet UVC has the sterilization and disinfection effect. It is a pure physical disinfection method with broad-spectrum, high efficiency, rapid and thorough, no need to add chemicals, no drug resistance, no secondary pollution, etc. Features.
3. Sterilization UV tube, with 19 (2 275nm, 5 365nm, 12 395nm) LED lamp beads x 2, 5V 5W, 30 cm long.
4. UVC sterilization characteristics: high efficiency sterilization, more thorough sterilization, complete environmental protection, no drug resistance, no secondary pollution.
5. Kill 99.9% of molds, bacteria, bacteria, and provide fresh air.
6. With switch mode design, multi-mode adjustment.
7. The foldable main body design is easy to carry.
8. Scope of application: toothbrushes, towels, masks, mobile phones, watches, gloves and other items.
9. Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm (unfolded).

Package Includes:
1 *LED Sterilization Box


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