TWS bluetooth LED Digital Display Mini In Ear Earphone Wireless Hifi Music Headphones with Charging Case for Huawei

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Type: Wireless Headphones
Color: White/Black
Material: Metal
Single ear capacity: 50mA
Charging compartment capacity: 1200 mA
Endurance time: About 220 hours in total (to be used together with charging cabin)
Talk time: About 180 hours in total (to be used together with charging cabin)
Headset charging: About 40 times
Charging compartment input current: 5V 1A
Key light: Red blue light
Control mode: Intelligent touch

--Upgrade magnetic induction receivable cabin.The magnetic induction receivable storage cabin can open the cabin door easily without pressing, which greatly enhances the use experience and solves the embarrassment of opening the traditional buckle storage cabin
--High cost dust plug, fingerprint touch
--Clear two ear communication is like face-to-face communication
Cvc8.0 intelligent noise reduction call is adopted, intelligent noise filtering makes call clearer
--Siri voice assistant key call

Usage Method
--Play pause (tap left ear), answer end (tap left ear)
--Summon Siri (press left ear for 1 second) and decrease volume (touch left ear 3 times)
--Switch the previous song (touch the left ear 2 times) and switch the machine (long press for 5 seconds)
--Earphone charging: put the earphone into the charging cabin and close the cover. The earphone will charge automatically. When charging, the earphone will turn on red light and turn off when it is full.
--Charging in the charging compartment: after connecting the data line, the red light in the charging compartment will be on and the red light will be off

Package Included:
1 pair of Wireless Headphones


Wireless Headphones & Earphones




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