VH F09 Portable USB Hanging Neck Electric Fan Double Hanging Neck Hand Holding Small Fan Cooling Fan Air Cooler From System

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1.Innovative Fashion Design Appearance
The appearance of the fan is based on the shape of the earphone and the body curve, which not only satisfies the sense of comfort, but also has a strong sense of fashion design
2.Air Duct Design Quickly Reduces The Heat
The strong wind design of the is adopted, and the design of the vertical air duct converts the horizontal air duct into a vertical air duct at a right angle, and the cool wind is directly from the bottom to the top, forming a cool wind wrapping area for the head, which concentrates the wind and quickly cools down.
3. Fibonacci Wind Channel,Less Loss
The Fibonacci technology is the basis of many harmonious patterns in nature, also known as the golden section. The air duct of the turbo fan uses this principle to make the air duct loss smaller, the wind power greater and quieter
4.Built-In Rechargeable Battery
Built-in lithium battery, can be used for 2 hours in the first gear, 3 hours for the second gear, and 5 hours for the third gear

Model : F09
Material : ABS
Color : Dark Green
Weight : 192g
Size : 229 x 218 x 25mm
Input : 5A = 1A max
Wind Speed : 3 Level
Power Supply : USB Charging
Using Time : 2-5 Hours

Package Included:
1 x USB Fan
1 x USB Cable


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