Xiaomi 2 In 1 Selfie Stick Tripod bluetooth 3.0 Wireless RC Monopod Mount Holder for iPhone Huawei OPPO Oneplus Mobile Phone Photography

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1. Insert the remote control: Open the package, remove the bluetooth remote control from the top accessory box and attach it to the local silicone retaining slot.
2. bluetooth pairing: Open the phone bluetooth function, long press the remote control button until LED blinks then search and select 'XMZPG' in your phone. Once the blue light stays on, the device has been paired.
3. Prepare the phone holder. Pull up the holder , turn it 90 °so it makes a cross shape with the stick, and then rotate it 180°so it faces the same direction as the remote holder (front of the product)
4. Fix the phone on the holder: Turn the phone holder to the appropriate position, then pull from the phone holder edge and secure the phone between both ends. Make sure the volume and on/off button of your phone are not pressed by the holder.
5.Optionally, use the tripod. This product comes with a convertible hand grip, simply open it from the bottom and place the tripod on a stable surface.

Set the tripod and snap group pictures from a greater distance
Stand-alone bluetooth remote control, free your hands and take longer range pictures
Rotate the phone on the stick 360 degrees. Attach phones with width ranging from 56mm to largest models of 89mm like the Mi Mix
Compact and lightweight, it weighs only 155 grams. Fold it and fit it into your pocket
Anti-skid pad design allow a firm grip to shoot videos with the best stability
Aluminum alloy rod for a light and strong premium product
Connectivity: bluetooth 3.0
Max stick length: 420 cm
Weight: 155g
Compatible with Android 4.3+ or iOS 5.0+
Max bluetooth length: 10m

Package Included:

1 x Mi Selfie Stick


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