YJHIFI TPA3255 2.0 QCC3008 bluetooth 5.0 High Power Class D Digital Amplifier Portable Headphone Amp

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The TPA3255 is a high-performance Class-D power amplifier with Class-D efficiency and true high-end sound quality. The device features an advanced integrated feedback design and proprietary high-speed gate driver error correction (PurePath ™ Ultra HD). This technology allows the device to maintain ultra-low distortion throughout the audio frequency band while exhibiting perfect sound quality
Using original TPA3255, QCC3008 Bluetooth 5.0 chip
The main filter electrolytic capacitor uses 1000UF / 50V imported from Japan to ensure a strong continuous power support
Use the red and gray ring high current inductor dedicated to the sound to ensure the sound is crisp and powerful
The PCB adopts 1.6mm thick double-sided sheet, 2.0 oz copper thickness, and the whole process of spraying tin to ensure the good passing performance of large and small currents. Best-in-class PCB quality
The machine uses an all-aluminum chassis, and the surface of the chassis is all treated with a brushed oxidation coloring process
Input method: analog and Bluetooth input function. When two methods are input at the same time, the Bluetooth input takes precedence. After the Bluetooth connection, the RCA input is automatically disconnected. When the analog input is required, please turn off the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone before switching
Working method: Class D
Working voltage: DC24V-48V
Size: 180 x 104 x 42mm, antenna length is 105mm
Total output power at 1% total harmonic distortion + noise (THD + N) (240W / 4Ω) * 2,
Total output power at 10% total harmonic distortion + noise (THD + N)(325W / 4Ω) * 2

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